Shmalloween Hijinks

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Continuing where Boss for President left off, and the last comic with Jimmy Zenshins in his normal form.

Characters: Fog Frog, Jimmy Zenshins, Apiap Tacozen

Places: The Ice Craters Jimmy's house,

Date: November 13, 2021

Running Time: 7:19


(the Fog frog snaps the S'more IDCPT in half, turning the K10VEs into s'mores)

Fog Frog: K10VES. I'm the IDCPT god, the fog frog, You guys need permits to have IDCPTS.

Jimmy: Aw, What?

Used to be called The Fog Frog (and Romance)

Now it's IDCPTs, We don't need no stinkin' IDCPTS

But that is NOT TRUE!

Because it's Shmalloween Hijinks!

[3-5 Days Later]

Announcer: and the boss wins in a landslide!

(a landslide crushes a Fluf with a tie)

The Boss: Ha ha ha!

Apiap: Jimmy, I don't think Jimmy will want you eating chocolate on the couch... Oh.. What's Wrong?

Jimmy: I can't teleport! The IDCPTs are gone!

Apiap: Oh yeah, figured you'd get over that in like... Four days

Lugace: Alright, GIIIIIRLS, let's howdy 'em up and hunker 'em down

Katie and Jeff: Auughhghgghhhh

Lugace: What's wrong, gals?

Katie: Oh, nothing, just that the COFFEE fairy can't recharge on COFFEE from the COFFEE IDCPT, y'know, because IDCPTs are gone.

Lugace: Oh, Yeah

Bioduck: Ocat?

Gordon: Yeah! Let's do that rap! I am bush you are tree we are gettin' along like famil- I'm bush

Bioduck: Ocat

Gordon: Tree

Bioduck: Ocat

Gordon: Gettin' along

Bioduck: Ocat Ocat

Gordon: like family

Gordon: Wuh wuh word out

Inkblot: Hmmm

Large Voidian: Eh- I dunno man, wasn't really that great

Gordon: Yo, whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

(triumphant sound)

Magic Book: There it is!

Mister Potato: finally!

(Blobman sits on the couch)

Gordon: Woah, you guys found the spring couch!

Blobman: Specs yeah!

Zombie Shrimpy: Oh man Paula, I'm going to enjoy this picnic

Paula: Me too!

(Paula puts a picnic blanket on the icy ground)

Zombie Shrimpy: My my, this cucumber is quite large

[Remarked zombie shrimpy]

Paula: The same can be implied about this haircomb

[replied a mutated bioduck clone]

Paula: Wait, why is there narration

[Questioned an enthused Paula]

[Oh frackles, kids, It's narration nation! Where we go to picnics and N̸̸̞̻̠̘̝͒͛͘͜͝Ä̴̸̻̦͉̝̻́̒͐͒̽̔͜R̴̵͍̟͉͇̼̓͆͌̈́̐͠R̴̴̢͍͇̞͓͋̓͑̈́͜A̴̵͙͓̠̝̫͘͘̚̕͜͠͝T̴̵̡̢͕͙̝̙̽͑͋͒͛͝E̴̸̢̝͍̼͋͊͑͆̀̕ T̸̵͕͚͕̫̼͛́̾̿͝͝H̵̴̙͚͚͖̫̻̔̈́͛͒̚È̴̸̞̼̪͍̼̼̿̒̓͐̚M̵̸͕̦͇̪͎͇͐̒͆̔̓͐]

[I'm your host, the knight of narration, Nate the Narration Box]

Zombie Shrimpy: Oh no

[Groaned a cucumber holding zombie crustacean]

(The They Might Be Giants song "I Blame You" plays)

(L.Vapiap wakes up, rubs his eyes, jumps off the top bunk, takes a shower and puts on a towel)

L.Vapiap: Ah, dryin' off

(The wall behind the door to the bathroom is broken, L.Vapiap sighs, a little too aggressively.)

L.Vapiap: Ready to check out

Ground Beef Soup Janitor (or GBSJ): Didn't'cha hear?

GBSJ: The love prison's over! the love economy collapsed

LVAPs: Oh, sick!

GBSJ: Yeah, so uh, you-you can go

(L.Vapiap walks out of the prison)

(L.Vapiap gets uncomfortable by the presence of the Love Tree)

L.Vapiap: Oh, no…

Love Tree: Hey, come pick my fruit

L.Vapiap: um, no thanks, I got to go time travel and teleport or timeport back home

Love Tree: STAY

L.Vapiap: Oh, Okay

Apiap: Jimmy, I know what'll cheer you up! A visit to the already established marshmallow girl scouts!

{At the girl scouts cathedral}

APIAP: This is the WORST

Katie: Friiiiick

APIAP: Oh my gosh, what's wrong? Who bit you? What in the- whuh why the frick is the sky green?

KATIE: D-Don't worry, it it's just my hair

APIAP: Who was it? You tell me you sussy baka!

KATIE: I dunno, but you'll have to play in a band

Jimmy: Poggers, Apiap, ain't it mysterious how we're ripping off 3 Homestar Halloween Cartoons, in the same cartoon no less?

Mr. Shmallow: Shmallows, Fallows, make that one more

The Boss: Make that uh, one more than that

[Zombie Shrimpy: Dang! Dang Dang that's a nice wall]

Jimmy: Shut up! Get out! Keep Your Voice Down!

Apiap: Hush Hushband, I gotta ushe my ghosht flashlight

Jimmy: Zinkers, Aps, Isn't that a flashlight with a comically large battery

Apiap: Why ish everyone sho boring lately? Ish the baron of boringnesh on patrol?

Jimmy: I'm not boring, I'm just sarcastic

(some creature pops out of the bushes and screams, Jimmy cracks his neck to look and screams as well)

(Blobman is being eaten by a couch)

Blobman: Tis groob

Magic Book: No it's not! Come on up, Blobman

Blobman: Wubs tab groubling aboud?

Couch: Oh, nothing

Blobman: Oh, Ocat!

Couch: yeah, haha

(Magic Book eats some smorz)

(Gordon gets mad)

(gordon swoops down and steals smorz from magic book's hand)

Gordon: I'm disgusted by you and your... SMORZ. How long have you been eating these?

(magic book mumbles)

Gordon: WHAT?!

Magic Book: 4 WEEKS! (he proceeds to cry)

(gordon is confused)

ZOMBIE SHRIMPY: What a nice mane of flowing green hair you have

[Declared ol' Z.S.]

{the cucumber sprouts hair}

PAULA: Shrimpy, this is getting weird

{bagel nerd and the czar enter in from the side}


PAULA: Oh, shut up, I stand by it

BAGEL NERD: Arawurauraurauhar

{Scummy Tom zops in}

SCUMMY TOM: Hey guys, I hacked into the system with rusty metal jewelry

PAULA: Oh, that sounds nice

[Said Pauline]

PAULA: How do I get rid of this?

{scummy tom hands her some rusty metal jewelry}

SCUMMY TOM: Rusty metal jewelry, of course!

PAULA: Awesome, thanks!

{Paula laughs evilly}

Fun Facts[edit]

The Statue got me high
self reference for the restovus
  • this cartoon exists

Real World References[edit]

-The homestar halloween cartoons referenced in this cartoon are:

  • Halloween Hijinks
  • Spooky Woods (Narration Nation)
  • Action Cool News Halloween (in the next cartoon)

In-Universe References[edit]


  • flesh tougne


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