Barbeque of Love

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Lugace has a barbeque, the meat guys mess around, the Boss makes a Cheese Large Voidian, Apiap kicks people out of her house and Josh Protist makes wax figures of the K10VEs

Characters: Apiap Tacozen, Paula, Jazuel, Lugace, Ecagul, Large Voidian

Places: Jimmy's House, The Vortex

Date: May 14th, 2021

Running Time: 7:51


(INT: Jimmy's garage, Paula is tied to a chair)

Paula: Wha- Ugh, where am I?

Jazuel: We can't tell you

Apiap: Are you a villian?!?

Paula: Apiap? Jazuel? Villian? Huh? Me? Maybe.

Jazuel: Eh, good enough for me, let's go to the barbaque Lugace is having.

(EXT: The Vortex, Lugace is having a barbeque)

Lugace: Kay, Ecagul, propane or gas?

Ecagul: Hmm, well, the vortex is still mostly texan, so... Propane

Large Voidian: Hey, Lugace! I brought slaw!

Lugace: Put it on the flat gip

Large Voidian: That's a table with a gip skin

Lugace: Or a flat gip

Jeff: One can of spray paint

Voidian Bob: Well, okay

Todd: I would like one as well

(Voidian Bob grumbles as he reaches for some spray paint)

Jeff: Wuh- are you also buying spraypaint?

Todd: Yeah

Jeff: What are you going to do?

Todd: Spraypaint a dead Bagel Nerd on 38 Mountain

(Cut to a dead bagel nerd spray painted on 38 mountain)


Fun Facts[edit]

  • Lugace talked about "other things Hank Hill said" in a preview animation

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In-Universe References[edit]