B♥ss for President

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Watch it on your TV, Boss for president, go to love jail, exciting and new...


Characters: Jimmy Zenshins, Apiap Tacozen, Jeff Jamieson, Mia Farrow, Soupid, Zombie Shrimpy, The Boss, Scummy Tom, Mayor Golfington, French Director, Magic Book, Inkblot, Bioduck, Katie Jamieson 5

Places: Jimmy's house, Jeff's house, The Vortex, Boss Cathedral, Funeral Home, Ice Craters,

Date: October 9th, 2021

Running Time: 12:31

Now here's the cartoon....'s transcript


{for now, I am dividing these into the parts they were made originally into, I will delete scene names and divisions and have this be as lush as the final animation at the end}

SCENE 1: Rhyme on Tire[edit]

INT, Jimmy's Kitchen

JIMMY: Ok, sammich, you best not disappoint

(Jimmy opens his mouth wide)

APIAP: Jimmy! Help! Fire!

BLOBMAN: Rhyme on Tire

(Jimmy extinguishes the flame with his ludicrous lettuce sandwich)

JIMMY: There you go. Now, I'm gonna go look at Jeff through...

(jimmy puts his finger up to his chin)

JIMMY: My crystal ball

(In another room, Jimmy is looking at Jeff through... his crystal ball)

JEFF: MiA, No, I'm nOt dOiNg te-thE tAxEs!!!

SCENE 2: Pancake Batter[edit]

Inside Jimmy's crystal ball, Jeff is having marriage issues

Mia: If you don't, I'll call Soupid for marriage advice

Jeff: Anything but Soupid!

(Soupid zops into the room)

Soupid: Hello, Love-Burgers

Mia: Hey Soupid!

Soupid: You know what you guys need?

(soupid tips over a bucket of...)

Soupid: Pancake Batter

(The batter gloops onto Jeff's flabby skull and hardens into a burning batter wig)

Jeff: Ow, my skin!

SCENE 3: The Shrimpy Dead[edit]

EXT, the Vortex, Lugace's dimension, where Zombie Shrimpy is starting his day at work

Zombie Shrimpy: Another day of work for me again, I'm zombie shrimpy!

(ZS puts his rotted hand on the doorknob)

ZS: Opening the cathedral door with my rotted hand

(ZS's hand rips off, leaving a massive bone for a hand)

ZS: Odd

(Inside the Boss' Cathedral, Scummy Tom and The Boss sit, looking out the window, terrified)

The Boss: Is he aware he's a zombie?

Scummy Tom: Maybe?

ZS: Hey guys, I'm outside your window!


(ZS breaks the Window)

The Boss: Woah! Stay away, Zombie!

ZS: Come on, don't you want to run for president?

The Boss: yes, you can come in

SCENE 4: The Funeral of Monocle Skater[edit]


SCENE 5: He is Paperback[edit]

At the cemetery, right after Monocle skater's funeral

Inkblot: Ya ya ya!

(Inkblot sees a grave with the name:

[AJKT SIMMONS KOBAN I- 2012-11740])

Inkblot: oOOOOOOOoooh

MB: Oh, Inkblot, I see you found "my" grandpa!

Inkblot: Mm-hmm

MB: Let's dig him up, he's probably paperback at this point

(inkblot digs him up, by grabbing a large chunk of the ground and pulling it up)

Magic Book: Well, what do you know, he is paperback


Fun Facts[edit]

  • The sheet music in the background of scene 1 say "Music by Annonymeese" on them, referring to resident Jimmy Musicman, Annonymeese

Real World References[edit]

  • Funerals are a real thing

In Universe References[edit]

  • Monocle Skater


  • Flesh tongue
  • In the first version of the full video I have the wrong version of Scene 6